Why choose Poop Art, dog poop bags?   

Our bags are specially designed for the collection of your pets' waste "poop". We seek, through Poop art, to offer a product that is conscious of the environment, through the use of 100% recycled plastic and the functionality of biodegrade in 24 months.



Poop Art Accessories!

Bag Carrier 

Bag holder designed by us, which makes your walk with your pet more agile and hygienic, with this bag holder, you can carry the bag with your pet's waste to the bin without having to carry it in your hands.

Simply tie the knot and then tuck the bag through the eyelet to hang and voila!


This new DURATOY, is designed to be an active toy, it is made with recycled fire hose, which offers extreme durability. We have different sizes, small, medium and large.